Viewing instructions: best viewed from smart phone or a narrow browser window. Click next/previous arrows to move on to next room. Simultaneously eating cake is optional but recommended. 

THIS IS NOT AN ERROR MESSAGE is Spirit Stick Collective’s first group exhibit (curated by Dalia Anime). Set within cyber space it showcases a wide range of talent from all around the globe, working across a variety of mediums and disciplines.
For more info or work by our artists visit www.spirit-stick.com

INTRO by Dalia Anime
“It is 2015. Our world revolves around the web, completely, absolutely.
We are attached; to the tiny worlds inside our screens, disengaged from the reality around it.

Without the internet this very collective would not exist.
It is what made it possible for a group of artists from all around the world to have connected. It holds us together, a link tying our world from one end to the other. For now what we are to one another is a series of online personas, not yet fixed in reality.

It is hard to deny how much the internet has changed the way that today’s artists are making work. Or even that technology has made anyone an artist, everyone a curator.
It has become so easy to share. The internet has erased the barriers between our most private and public worlds. It has brought our audience closer, made the delivery of our performances to them so much more instantaneous. It has completely transformed the experience of viewing art, taking something done in  public space around other people looking at physical artworks, and instead localising it to your own private anywhere and anytime, within the isolation of  yourself and the display on your screen.
Today’s artists are left to locate themselves and their practices whilst navigating a post-internet world, to find their voice in a universe in which everybody has something to say, and anybody can listen.”

not an error msg



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